Recent Builds

Rainshadow Revelation 7'2" Ultra Light Fast Rod

7'2" Ultra Light Fast panfish build

  • Revelation Rainshadow REVS72UL-SB
  • Fuji grips and SK2 seat
  • REC RFTS reel seat
  • Fuji black alconite guides

CTS Affinity X 9' 8 weight Fly Rod

9' 8 weight CTS Affinity X fly rod for redfish

  • CTS Affinity X 9' 8 weight
  • REC 1.5" fixed fighting butt
  • REC RFTS reel seat
  • Batson Full Wells grip
  • Fuji titanium guides
  • Fuji titanium Arowana tip top

LSU and OU themed 6'8" Medium Light Fast Rods

6'8" Rainshadow Immortal Medium Light Fast rod

  • Rainshadow Immortal 6'8" ML F IMMS68ML-TC
  • Batson fighting butt
  • Fuji rear grip and ACS reel seat
  • Kigan XLA - Chrome hook keeper
  • Fuji Corrosion Control guides

Saints themed 6'8" Medium Light Fast Rod

6'8" Rainshadow Revelation Medium Light Fast rod

  • Rainshadow Revelation 6'8" ML F REVS68ML-SB
  • Batson fighting butt
  • Fuji rear grip and ACS reel seat
  • Kigan XLA - Black hook keeper
  • Fuji black alconite guides

LSU themed 7' Ultra Light Fast rod

7' Ultra Light Fast bream rod

  • St. Croix SC III 7' UL F 3S70ULF
  • Fuji BGKSC fighting butt
  • Fuji RGK6016RC rear grip with SKSS16 seat
  • Kigan XLA - Chrome hook keeper
  • Pac Bay Minima guides

6'9" Light Fast rod

6'9" FTU Light Fast Rod

  • FTU APL1-69 USA blank
  • Fuji SK2 grips and seat
  • Kigan XLA hook keeper
  • REC Components recoil guides
  • Fuji Titanium SiC tip top

Raffle rod

Recently raffled off this 6'9" FTU Light Fast rod

  • FTU APL1-69 USA blank
  • Fuji Corrosion Control guides
  • Fuji ACS seat
  • Fuji Grips

Father and Son rods

Just finished up this set of rods for a father and son. Both are identical except for the names and colors

  • St. Croix 7' Medium Fast blanks
  • Fuji Polished Alconite guides
  • Fuji VSS reel seat
  • Cork split grips

Topwater and Jigging rods

The top rod in the picture is a topwater rod, and the bottom rod is a jigging rod. Here are the specs.

Topwater Rod

  • 6'8" Medium Extra Fast Rainshadow Revelation blank
  • Fuji Corrosion Control guides
  • Fuji ACS seat
  • Winn grips.

Jigging Rod

  • 6'8" Medium Light Fast Rainshadow Immortal blank
  • Fuji Corrosion Control guides
  • Fuji ACS seat
  • Winn grips.

Panfish rods

These two rods are for the smaller fish we love to catch. Both are built around 1000 series spinning reels. Here are the specs:

Fuchsia rod

  • 6' St. Croix Light Fast blank
  • EVA grips
  • Mach II Customs painted Fuji SK2 reel seat
  • Pac Bay Minima guides

Carbon pearl rod

  • 7' St. Croix Ultra Light Fast blank
  • Cork grips
  • Fuji SK2 reel seat
  • Pac Bay Minima guides

West Bay Slam 2018 donation rod

Here’s the 4th of July themed donation rod for the 2018 West End Anglers West Bay Slam tournament. All proceeds from these tournaments go to charity. Here are the specs:

  • MHX SJ813 6'9" Medium Fast
  • Winn Grips
  • Fuji ACS seat
  • Fuji Corrosion Control Alconite guides

Red metallic build

Got a request for a 7’3″ red metallic build. Built around a 4000 series reel using 40 lb braid. Turned out really nice!

  • 7’6″ Rod Geeks Carbon 2 Inshore blank in red metallic, cut down to 7’3″
  • Fuji Winn grips with a Fuji VSS reel seat
  • Fuji Corrosion Control guides

Wood grain build

This is definitely one of the coolest builds I’ve done. I had a request for a 7’ spinning rod that looks like a piece of wood. Not exactly an off the shelf blank! I contacted Adam Lathrop at Mach 2 Customs, and he did the most incredible paint job to make this guy’s vision a reality.

  • 7’ St. Croix Medium Fast blank
  • Fuji SK2 reel seat, uplocking with hidden hood
  • Fuji Corrosion Control guides

Blackout build

Got a request for a very neat blacked out build. It’s tough to see in the pictures, but the thread is black with a single gunmetal trim bands. It really pops in the sunlight (wish I were a better photographer lol). Here are the specs

  • Point Blank 6’9″ Medium Light Extra-Fast blank
  • Winn Charcoal grips
  • 7.5″ handle, great for wading
  • Fuji Corrosion Control Alconite guides


Simple, clean builds like these are always some of my favorites. This was built on the new FTU G-Rod blank. They were designed by Fishing Tackle Unlimited in conjunction with North Fork Composites. I haven’t had the pleasure of fishing one yet, but my customer fished a prototype and said he had to have a rod built on one.

Here are the specs:

  • 6’9″ FTU G-Rod Light Fast blank
  • REC Components Recoil guides
  • Fuji Titanium SiC tip top
  • Rust thread with gold inlays

CCA Tri-Parish Banquet donation rod

I teamed up with my dad, Michael W. Johnson, CPA, to donate this rod with a Shimano Curado K reel for the CCA Tri-Parish banquet in Eunice, LA on April 12, 2018. If you’re in the area, come on out for your chance to own this one of a kind rod! Here are the specs:

  • St. Croix SC V 7′ ML F blank
  • Winn Grips
  • Fuji ACS blank-thru reel seat
  • Fuji Black Titanium SiC guides

Gideon’s 300 Donation Rods

These two rods are a donation to a charity that I truly believe in, Gideon’s 300. I don’t think my words can do it justice, so here’s the description from their website:

“Gideon’s 300 was formed in 2017 in Central Texas by a group of veterans and civilians with a vision to simultaneously help veterans transition back into society in a healthy and supportive way, as well as provide targeted endeavors for veterans to keep giving back to society.

The mission of G300 is to promote and facilitate a healthy and supportive transition for veterans from military service to civilian life. Our mission is accomplished through outdoor bonding activities that provide a camaraderie these veterans had during their military service. The primary program centers on unforgettable hunting and fishing trips, which allow veterans and active-duty service members to establish supportive connections and ease re-assimilation into society. Relationships are established, support networks are widened, and community connections are made that allow these same veterans to jump into action when there is an urgent community need.”

I look forward to working with these guys in the future!

G300 Veterans Website

LSU Spinnerbait Build

Finally got to do an LSU build. This is a Rainshadow Revelation 7′ Medium Heavy Moderate Fast blank. Polished Fuji Alconite guides. This was designed as a spinnerbait rod for bass fishing.

Concept TX build

I built this rod to match the 13 Fishing Concept TX reel. It’s a St. Croix SC III fuscia metallic blank. 6’6”, Medium Light power, Fast action. Composite cork grips match the grips on the reel. The guides are black stainless Fuji alconite.

Inshore spinning rod

7' Medium Fast rod for throwing popping corks and live baits. St. Croix, Fuji's new Corrosion Control alconite guides, built for a 3000 series spinning reel.

Ole Miss build

I had a request to build an Ole Miss rod. It hurt my purple and gold soul to make this rod, but he’s a good friend and fishing buddy. 7′ St. Croix SC II M|F blank, full cork grip, Fuji corrosion control alconite guides, built for a 2500-3000 series spinning reel with 20-30 lb braid.

Ultra Light build

This customer requested a 6′ Ultra Light Fast rod for white perch and bream. He wanted a very simple, black layout. St. Croix SC III UL|F blank, super grade cork grip, Fuji black alconite guides, built for a 1000 series spinning reel.

Donation rod for the 2017 West End Anglers Redfish Showdown & Fundraiser

This rod was donated to the 2017 West End Anglers Redfish Showdown & Fundraiser. It is a Spoon/Spinner Special with premium cork grips, Fuji’s exposed blank-through reel seat, and Fuji alconite micro guides.

Corky build

Here's a 6'6" Medium Moderate Fast rod, garnet and gold threads, Fuji silver alconite guides. Fuji SK2 split seat and split cork grips with gold winding checks.