Products we like!

Here are some products we like, especially for inshore fishing

Trout Support offers some of the best products instructional videos out there for coastal fishing. If you want the fastest way to cut the learning curve for inshore fishing these are the way to go.


No matter your level of fishing prowess, these videos will help you to be a better angler, period. There are 4 videos geared toward the Texas coast covering trout limits, trophy trout, shallow redfish, and deep redfish. TroutSuppot videos "show you" where others just "talk about it." There's a huge difference.

DVDs and Online Access

Reef Recon

Reef Recon is a Galveston Bay Complex Oyster Reef overlay for your GPS unit. Think of it as a map enhancement. Tobin side scanned the entirety of the GBC and provides a product that not only shows you the reef location, it also shows you the boundaries of the reef. Reefs are categorized by color to show how "healthy" they are (healthier reefs have more structure and are more likely to hold fish). Hazards, spoil banks, and shallow reefs are also marked which is incredibly helpful for West Galveston Bay and Chocolate Bay.

Reef Recon

Trout Support Lure (TSL)

Unless you've fished one, I promise you haven't seen anything like it. It's a slow-sinking, weedless soft plastic that is perfect for fishing shallow areas where grass and oyster is a problem. It's perfect for West Galveston Bay, and I've enjoyed using it.

Trout Support Lure (TSL)

Costa Del Mar sunglasses cannot be beat! Without diving off into the science, the polarization technology that goes into the 580 lenses is superior to anything else on the market, giving you the best possible view of what's in front of you.

I prefer the glass lenses in green mirror for sight casting and general flats fishing. Sunrise silver mirror lenses are great for overcast days or first thing in the morning, while blue mirror is great for deep sea fishing or ultra bright days on the bay.

They make frames to fit all faces, but my favorites for my XL face are the Fisch and Mag Bay frames with the 580 G lenses. If the sun is out, I've got mine on.

Simply put, if I'm fishing and it's warm, I'm dressed head to toe in Columbia. Here are my favorites for summer fishing.

Men’s PFG Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt Keeps your skin protected with UPF 40 fabric that stays cool and dries quickly. Haven't found a better shirt for being out on the water all day in the heat.

Men’s Force XII Pant I don't like to wet wade in shorts; not a fan of jelly fish stings. These pants dry quickly and have a reinforced pocket for pliers.

Men's PFG Big Katuna II™ Short Similar concept to the Force XII pants. Reinforced pocket for pliers, dry quickly, and feel comfortable all day.

The best wading gear on the planet, hands down. I have a pair of Flats Sneakers to wear with my waders and a pair of Zipit II Flats Booties that I wear for wet wading.